Ink went dry

       – Satyakam Ray

Flickering lights scattered,
On the way home,

illuminating the dark path,
the soul being cleansed.

A plethora of words, emotions,
stuck in the heart,
helpless rants, dwindling reflections,
want a way out.

It feels secluded on an island,
among blue vastness,
choked heart with stoic silence,
the meandering soul being restless.

Sitting on the balcony,
watching the crowd go north,
muted aspirations, feeling numb,
The zeal has gone south.

A blank piece of paper, an open canvas
a pen lying beside,
endless thoughts getting spooky,
after a long residence.

The words have their own will,
not coming in a flow,
being chastised by emotions,
for acting so slowly.

Composing a heartfelt phrase seems,
difficult than a puzzle,
hoping to write a few lines,
with a slight creative drizzle.

Difficult to comprehend,
with heart’s anguishing cry,
writer’s block or not,
but the ink went dry!

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