– Satyakam Ray

The man sitting inside the boat- Right-hand picture

Boat 01- Man seated inside the boat (1st Scenario)

A hapless man sitting in a boat,

Done by the waves, trying to float.

Resources are down; the spirit is dwindling,

No compass, not a single soul in sighting.

Is he going for a watery grave?

A little piece of land, he craves!

No one answers the SOS calls,

Nobody to witness his mighty fall.

Life seems poignant as he retrospects,

The heart is looking for more land-ish prospects.

Dejected, dismayed, praying for life,

Looking for any means to survive.

My time has come- as he reckons,

A desperate rush to any land beacon.

Oh, he found it, a piece of land,

Surrounded by water, nowhere did it stand.

The almighty has listened to his prayers,

Provided land to rest, to allay his fears.

He cried, sighed, thanked god profusely,

Waved to the man standing continuously.

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