Surveillance Nationalism

– Satyakam Ray Renowned Science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote, “The government doesn’t want any system of transmitting information to remain unbroken unless it’s under its control.” The fictional tale of the past becomes a factual present if we consider the recent mass surveillance programs conducted by various governments. These Programs are the tip of the iceberg. After the 9/11 attack on the US, several … Continue reading Surveillance Nationalism

Is Political Correctness Muzzling the Freedom of Speech?

– Satyakam Ray According to Benjamin Disraeli, a university should be a place of light, liberty, and learning. In proper regard, a liberal art and science university should uphold liberal views and Academic Freedom. Not so long ago, one development at Ashoka University, a private university based in Haryana, had cast doubt on the very liberal principles upon which the university is built. Two of … Continue reading Is Political Correctness Muzzling the Freedom of Speech?