Anandapur Chronicles: The Naagmani

– Satyakam Ray There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou. History is not only about who won the battles, who owned what, or what dramatized incidents happened over the centuries. An essential factor missing in the historian’s narrative is people’s personal lives, struggles, achievements, perceptions, and ambitions. Personal experiences can surmise a generation’s existence and way of … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: The Naagmani

The lady in the White

  –Aparna Chatterjee Another busy day at the bank and handling the pension section is complex. Every day, there are cases where the grandmas and grandpas cannot even understand what they should do. Yes, I treat them like Ajji and Dadu, so they come so openly with their problems. Not many children look after their parents after a certain period, and if most of them … Continue reading The lady in the White

Afterlife thoughts: What happens when one dies?

– Satyakam Ray In Marvel’s cinematic universe, the Black Panther star, the late actor Chadwick Boseman, has a lot of influence. When T’challa (Boseman) lost his father during the Civil War movie, he told the Black Widow about his beliefs. According to T’challa, death is not the end in his culture. It’s merely a stepping-off point. You reach out with both hands, and Bast and Sekhmet lead you … Continue reading Afterlife thoughts: What happens when one dies?

Lycanthrope: Werewolves from mythology and beyond

– Aparna Chatterjee Human curiosity knows no limit. While this fascination can lead to the discovery of the theory of relativity and compel others to some lucid dream, human-animal hybrid characters leave no stone unaltered in arousing the imagination of curiosity-seekers worldwide. We have angels, human-like figures with wings; Sekhmet, a woman with a cat head; Centaurs having the upper body of a human and … Continue reading Lycanthrope: Werewolves from mythology and beyond