The Dark comedy-an alternate form of humor

– Satyakam Ray Here goes a 100% true story. Once, an IAS officer, very respected for his work ethics and integrity, retired from service. His phone, emails, and social media accounts were inundated with Congratulatory messages. But one question kept on coming asking him what he would do to kill time. All the questions were good-intended though bothering the “recently retired” bureaucrat. One day upon … Continue reading The Dark comedy-an alternate form of humor

Is Political correctness muzzling the freedom of speech?

– Satyakam Ray According to Benjamin Disraeli, a university should be a place of light, liberty, and learning. In true regards, a liberal art and science university should uphold liberal views and academic freedom. Not so long ago, one development at the Ashoka University, a private university based in Haryana had cast doubt on the very liberal principles upon which the university is built. Two … Continue reading Is Political correctness muzzling the freedom of speech?

The Pandemic of Plastic

– Aparna Chatterjee Since the beginning of life on the planet, living organisms have come from their single cellular to multi-cellular structure. After billions of years, life has evolved with the highest level of intelligence and better cerebral utilization. Humans are considered to be the supreme most creature on the planet, and hence, we humans have taken the fate of the planet earth into our … Continue reading The Pandemic of Plastic

Capitalistic baboon verbatim

– Satyakam Ray Recently one web series has been gaining much popularity on the Indian OTT platform. That’s none other than The Family Man. The Manoj Bajpayee starred spy thriller has become the talk of the town. Apart from the terrorists, Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) had to deal with his family members – specifically his daughter Dhriti. The teenager is adamant and speaks a typical … Continue reading Capitalistic baboon verbatim

Secular Nation: Interpreting the Preamble

– Chandra Shekher Mishra The conflicts surrounding the term secularism stem largely from its parochial interpretations. And in yesteryear, these conflicts have caused massive intolerance amongst the people in religious lines. The religion-based political narratives deserve a fair share of credit for this. But there is no denying the fact that intolerance towards religion has long pervaded amongst the so-called secular or pseudo-secular people as well. The … Continue reading Secular Nation: Interpreting the Preamble

A waiting poem

– Aditi Anvita A poem whacking at cryptic arched entrance,Probably, been procrastinating for a long time,I crave momentous ideas to greet them in,Exhilarating thoughts to stitch promising lines,Commence threading words with intellectTo welcome original exquisite composition,Speculate explore scribble and erase,So, heading through lots of clutter,On blank undone stimulating sheet,Seek my soul to compose competent piece,Spend moments and discover a free verse,Recent visitor delighted my melancholic … Continue reading A waiting poem

The lady in the White

–Aparna Chatterjee Another busy day at the bank and handling the pension section is not an easy task. Every day there are cases where the grandmas and grandpas are unable to even understand what are they supposed to do. Yes, I treat them like my own Ajji and Dadu, I guess that’s the reason they come so openly with their problems. Not many children look … Continue reading The lady in the White

It’s better to be alone

– Satyakam Ray Sitting on a park bench, Watching the birds chirping, Stillness in the wood and mood, And the clouds hovering, As far I see above the horizon. I see a pair of squirrels, Playing in the trees, Nonchalantly with zero stress, Their existence is simple, Without any “modernism” fuss, As we humans do!! Writing down the words, As they come to my mind, … Continue reading It’s better to be alone

The Crying Mask

– Satyakam Ray Eyes are red, inflicted with pain,pouring heavily with stoic strain. The heart is heavy, the soul is numb,witnessing theatrics is dumb. This is my front, covering the face,saving the real below the surface. Serving my purpose, I am the mask,belies the feelings, that’s my task. My front side bearing the brunt,Rear watching the grin-quite stunned. Things have changed, reversed the role,showing a … Continue reading The Crying Mask

Celebration of Lyadh

– Satyakam Ray The time is 11 pm. Popcorn, snacks & coke is all set for a blithesome weekend binge-watching. You start the Netflix show on TV being comfortably set on the couch and titillate yourself by vicarious exploits. Suddenly you realize the remote is not close by and you have to increase the volume. By a cursory glance, you find out that the hiccup … Continue reading Celebration of Lyadh