90s Kids-Shaktimaan

– Satyakam Ray The Avengers Endgame broke all Hollywood records in terms of revenue. It also touched the hearts of millions with its powerful, emotional superhero portrayal and the fantastic Marvel storyline. Though the Indian audience cherished it, many 90s kids remember the first Indian Superhero-Shaktimaan. Every Sunday at noon IST- the TVs in Indian households would be turned on without fail during the early … Continue reading 90s Kids-Shaktimaan

Khordha Diaries-The Jungle Story

– Satyakam Ray Love is manifested more if it senses an untimely irreversible separation by fortuitous means or deliberate manner. This philosophy works not only in the case of humans but also among animals, which can be felt. In his youth, my father used to go on hunting trips to escape the mundane aspects of living. It’s his first-hand experience that is the essential crux … Continue reading Khordha Diaries-The Jungle Story

Anandapur Chronicles: The Naagmani

– Satyakam Ray There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou. History is not only about who won the battles, who owned what, or what dramatized incidents happened over the centuries. An essential factor missing in the historian’s narrative is people’s personal lives, struggles, achievements, perceptions, and ambitions. Personal experiences can surmise a generation’s existence and way of … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: The Naagmani

Anandapur Chronicles: Encountering wild elephants

–Satyakam Ray [Anandapur Chronicles- 1st story- The Naagmani] Encountering Wild Elephants is the second installment of Anandapur Chronicles. The beautiful aerial view of the Hadagada reservoir doesn’t fully justify the scenic spectacle it creates in the eyes of amused tourists upon their first visit. The hidden tourist treasure is located just 35 kilometers from Anandapur. There is a significantly less known but magnificent Gada Chandi … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: Encountering wild elephants

Anandapur Chronicles: Snake charmer story

– Satyakam Ray Social insects like ants, termites, bees, and wasps often leave behind trail pheromones to mark pathways for others toward resource vastness. Sometimes, the trail pheromone is an alarm as the guards aggregate around a nest invader. Snakes in the jungles also hunt in packs like wolves, contrary to the belief that snakes are solitary creatures. The Planet Earth episode of Young Iguana, … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: Snake charmer story

Anandapur Chronicles: The flood sob story

– Satyakam Ray Odisha is a place of ancient temples and a hermitage of beautiful scenic places. But most of the time, it has been in national and international news as the receiving end of severe floods and cyclonic storms. As it is close to the Bay of Bengal and many large rivers flow through Odisha’s various districts, such natural calamities are unavoidable. Odisha’s coastal … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: The flood sob story

Anandapur Chronicles: The Monster Fish

– Satyakam Ray The 1978 movie Piranha brought massive notoriety to the monstrous predatory fish often found in South American lakes and rivers. Aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan, host of the famous National Geographic show Monster Fish, wrangled with one Piranha on his show. Even its previous host, Jeremy Wade, often caught many sea monsters during his adventures. The fifth chapter of the Anandapur Chronicles is based on … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: The Monster Fish

Anandapur Chronicles: Reminiscing the tornado

  – Satyakam Ray All over the world, people are aware of the horror faced by the Odias in the super cyclone of 1999. Odisha, India’s best-kept secret in terms of tourism, is infamous for its tropical cyclones and floods. New storms turned up in Odisha to claim their fair share of havoc yearly to add salt to the wound. Cyclone Fani, Amphan, Titli, Phailin, … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: Reminiscing the tornado

The last Momo Soliloquy

– Satyakam Ray Preamble for the Reader: It’s a work of metaphor. A momo describes the monologue, coincidentally the last momo on the plate. Sometimes, the character speaks to the chutney(spicy) about her anguishes, feelings, and whatnot. So, it’s up to the reader’s imagination to figure out the real meaning of this literary work.  Scenario 1-10 Momos on a Plate:- Yet, I am here on … Continue reading The last Momo Soliloquy

Marketing Today: the race to be more relatable

– Aparna Chatterjee With the launch of platforms connecting people online, we all knew a new phenomenon would take us by storm. From Orkut to Instagram, we have come a long way in perceiving information and showcasing our lives. Initially, we did have a considerable stigma around it. Society tries to govern what one can and cannot post. But every social media platform lets us … Continue reading Marketing Today: the race to be more relatable

Shakti-The Divine Power

        – Aparna Chatterjee Mystics all around the world have thrived on the concept of duality. Parties on the opposite side of the see-saw and the balance between them dictated the equilibrium of the human mind and society. India, for one, has come far by accepting these concepts in its culture and religion more than others. Although the traditions and the ancient mythology might not … Continue reading Shakti-The Divine Power

Fast Fashion and its environmental tax

– Aparna Chatterjee As the world continues to battle new diseases and collapsing ecosystems, plastic is one of the dangerous threats; a whole system left unchecked for a long time might lead us to choke in the future. Fast Fashion is a rapidly growing industry. The amalgamation of big, profitable corporations with their top-notch marketing teams directing our consumption with the helpless labor of third-world … Continue reading Fast Fashion and its environmental tax