Secular Nation: Interpreting the Preamble

– Chandra Shekher Mishra The conflicts surrounding the term secularism stem largely from its parochial interpretations. And in yesteryear, these conflicts have caused massive intolerance amongst the people in religious lines. The religion-based political narratives deserve a fair share of credit for this. But there is no denying the fact that intolerance towards religion has long pervaded amongst the so-called secular or pseudo-secular people as well. The … Continue reading Secular Nation: Interpreting the Preamble

The Crying Mask

– Satyakam Ray Eyes are red, inflicted with pain,pouring heavily with stoic strain. The heart is heavy, the soul is numb,witnessing theatrics is dumb. This is my front, covering the face,saving the real below the surface. Serving my purpose, I am the mask,belies the feelings, that’s my task. My front side bearing the brunt,Rear watching the grin-quite stunned. Things have changed, reversed the role,showing a … Continue reading The Crying Mask

Celebration of Lyadh

– Satyakam Ray The time is 11 pm. Popcorn, snacks & coke is all set for a blithesome weekend binge-watching. You start the Netflix show on TV being comfortably set on the couch and titillate yourself by vicarious exploits. Suddenly you realize the remote is not close by and you have to increase the volume. By a cursory glance, you find out that the hiccup … Continue reading Celebration of Lyadh

Lycanthrope: Werewolves from mythology and beyond

– Aparna Chatterjee Human curiosity knows no limit. While this fascination can lead to the discovery of the theory of relativity and compel others to some lucid dream, human-animal hybrid characters leave no stone unaltered in arousing the imagination of curiosity-seekers throughout the world. We have angels, human-like figures with wings, Sekhmet, a woman with a cat head, Centaurs having the upper body of a … Continue reading Lycanthrope: Werewolves from mythology and beyond

The last Momo Soliloquy

– Satyakam Ray Preamble for the Reader: It’s a work of metaphor. The soliloquy is described by a momo which is coincidentally the last momo of the plate. The character is speaking to the chutney(spicy) sometimes about her anguishes, feelings, and whatnot. So, it’s up to the reader’s imagination to figure out the real meaning of this literary work.  Scenario 1-10 Momos on a Plate:- … Continue reading The last Momo Soliloquy

Marketing today: the race to be more relatable

– Aparna Chatterjee With the launch of platforms connecting people online, we all knew a new phenomenon was about to take us by the storm. From Orkut to Instagram, we have come a long way in perceiving the information and showcasing our lives. Initially, we did have a considerable stigma around it. Society tries to govern what one can and cannot post. But every social … Continue reading Marketing today: the race to be more relatable

Shakti- The divine power

– Aparna Chatterjee Mystics all around the world have thrived on the concept of duality. Parties on the opposite side of the see-saw and the balance between them dictated the equilibrium of the human mind as well as that of the society. India, for one, has come far by accepting these concepts a little more than others in its culture and religion. Although the traditions … Continue reading Shakti- The divine power