Sangam literature

– Aparna Chatterjee Ancient India adorned many dialects and languages. There were several language families seven that we know of. But two families dominated the subcontinent then and continue to flourish even now- The Indo-Aryan languages and the Dravidian Languages. We have found ancient texts and manuscripts from both branches. We now know them as Sangam. However, one particular work still makes us wonder about … Continue reading Sangam literature

Sonu Sood is not the messiah- he’s beyond that! 

  – Satyakam Ray I am no Messiah – the book published by Penguin on Bollywood actor Sonu Sood’s generosity during the covid-19 pandemic is a guiding stone on ethics and people skills. The badass silver-screen villain is a well-spoken kind-hearted soul whose heart melts by seeing the unspoken hardship of the migrants or the patients suffering due to lack of oxygen. Such was the … Continue reading Sonu Sood is not the messiah- he’s beyond that! 

Explaining the Farm Bills

  – Satyakam Ray A lot of political humdrum had already happened over the issue; still, ordinary folks were clueless about what exactly was the case with the farm bills and why such a hue and cry went on. This article tries to demystify the farm bills for the clarity of everyone. Let’s heed the issue with empathy and logic.  The crust of the protest … Continue reading Explaining the Farm Bills

Get Nicotine free!

  – Aparna Chatterjee SMOKING is one of the most banned globally, followed by the paradox that its production is not stopped. In India, smoking has been known for as long as 2000 BC, when cannabis was smoked for medicinal purposes. Being mentioned first in the Atharvaveda, along with dhooppaan (drinking smoke) of fumigations and fire offerings in Ayurveda, this practice became a trend to get high. … Continue reading Get Nicotine free!

Ruskin Bond- the Writer from the Hills

– Satyakam Ray It’s always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any time, you belong to them. There is no escape. – the quote by Ruskin Bond is quite apt considering the life itinerary of the master storyteller who has lived a vast chunk of his writing career in the hills inspired by nature. Listening to the birds chirping, the … Continue reading Ruskin Bond- the Writer from the Hills

Gen-Z challenges

– Satyakam Ray The entire population has been divided into four prominent demographics. The aspiration, opportunity, and challenges differ from each other. The demographic variations among the people decide the perspective for each generation. Types of Demographies: Gen-Z problems: The younger generation of Gen-Z is born with a gadget-savvy world and abundant resources to learn and grow. But still, they face problems that the previous … Continue reading Gen-Z challenges

Lost in the crowd

        – Satyakam Ray I want my beacon; I want my beacon, Lost in the crowd without any direction. People are running at a maddening speed, Nobody feels relaxed as a need. “I have no time” being the mantra, No leisure to watch a rainbow or spectra. Racing in the herd to get approval from cynics, “Money” is the primary success metric. Education, expectations, and … Continue reading Lost in the crowd

Ink went dry

       – Satyakam Ray Flickering lights scattered,on the way home,illuminating the dark path,the soul being cleansed. A plethora of words, emotions,stuck in the heart,helpless rants, dwindling reflections,want a way out. Feels secluded on an island,among blue vastness,choked heart with stoic silence,the meandering soul being restless. Sitting on the balcony,watching the crowd go north,muted aspirations, feeling numb,the zeal has gone south. A blank piece of paper, … Continue reading Ink went dry

Anandapur Chronicles: The Naagmani

– Satyakam Ray There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou. History is not only about who won the battles, who owned what, or what dramatized incidents happened over the centuries. An essential factor missing in the historian’s narrative is people’s personal lives, struggles, achievements, perceptions, and ambitions. Personal experiences can surmise a generation’s existence and way of … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: The Naagmani

Anandapur Chronicles: Encountering wild elephants

–Satyakam Ray [Anandapur Chronicles- 1st story- The Naagmani] Encountering wild elephants is the second installment of Anandapur Chronicles. The beautiful aerial view of the Hadagada reservoir doesn’t fully justify the scenic spectacular it creates in the eyes of amused tourists upon the first visit. The hidden tourist treasure is located just 35 kilometers from Anandapur. There is a significantly less known but magnificent Gada Chandi … Continue reading Anandapur Chronicles: Encountering wild elephants

The last Momo Soliloquy

– Satyakam Ray Preamble for the Reader: It’s a work of metaphor. The monologue is described by a momo, coincidentally the last momo on the plate. Sometimes, the character speaks to the chutney(spicy) about her anguishes, feelings, and whatnot. So, it’s up to the reader’s imagination to figure out the real meaning of this literary work.  Scenario 1-10 Momos on a Plate:- Yet, I am … Continue reading The last Momo Soliloquy

Marketing today: the race to be more relatable

– Aparna Chatterjee With the launch of platforms connecting people online, we all knew a new phenomenon would take us by storm. From Orkut to Instagram, we have come a long way in perceiving information and showcasing our lives. Initially, we did have a considerable stigma around it. Society tries to govern what one can and cannot post. But every social media platform lets us … Continue reading Marketing today: the race to be more relatable