Xavier- the “meme” guy

– Satyakam Ray The slightly pale-looking guy named Xavier in the comment section is everywhere on the internet: Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The pun-intended messages at every possible funny picture on social media by one guy named Xavier are widespread and adored by millions of fans. Going by the name Pakalu Papito, Xavier memes are legendary and, since 2013, very active on Facebook. Xavier-Chronicles: Launched … Continue reading Xavier- the “meme” guy

Sonu Sood is not the Messiah- he’s beyond that! 

  – Satyakam Ray I am no Messiah – the book published by Penguin on Bollywood actor Sonu Sood’s generosity during the COVID-19 pandemic is a guiding stone on ethics and people skills. The badass silver-screen villain is a well-spoken, kind-hearted soul whose heart melts by seeing the unspoken hardship of the migrants or the patients suffering due to lack of oxygen. Such was the … Continue reading Sonu Sood is not the Messiah- he’s beyond that! 

I’m not a Robot!

– Satyakam Ray Captcha tests are so common, yet sometimes are confusing. Read on to find out the nitty-gritty of the same….. Ramesh Ray, a senior advocate, was browsing the internet on a Sunday evening. While going through a website, he came across a section where he had to prove his existence as a living human, not a robot! Confused? He stumbled across the “I’m not … Continue reading I’m not a Robot!

Celebration of Lyadh

– Satyakam Ray The time is 11 pm. Popcorn, snacks & coke are all set for a blithesome weekend of binge-watching. You start the Netflix show on TV, being comfortably placed on the couch, and titillate yourself with vicarious exploits. Suddenly, you realize the remote is not nearby, and you must increase the volume. By a cursory glance, you discover that the hiccup to your … Continue reading Celebration of Lyadh

How do you deal with the family WhatsApp group?

– Satyakam Ray Technology has made the gap between extended family members a little bit narrow by introducing us to WhatsApp. This short article is all about the social coherence of the extended family WhatsApp group. The burgeoning family intimacy and the urge to connect socially generally led to the creation of a great extended family WhatsApp group. Usually, any uncle or aunt leads the … Continue reading How do you deal with the family WhatsApp group?

Sheepish grin Vs. Blushing chuckle

– Satyakam Ray Imagine you are in a hurry to the office as you’re already late by an hour. You live on the 8th floor of a skyscraper building, and the only way of communication downwards is the lift. Without delay, you go inside the lift and look at the phone absent-mindedly, checking the work schedule. 2 minutes later, you are still on the same … Continue reading Sheepish grin Vs. Blushing chuckle

Friends’ reunion: What’s your friends’ best moment?

– Satyakam Ray How you doin’? – The iconic hook-up line of Joey will ring a bell in the minds of friends’ generations- the 1990s youths. The all-time best sitcom aired between 1994 to 2004 for over ten seasons. But the show’s power is so great that it’s still in the top 10 trending on Netflix India and is still watched by billions worldwide. The … Continue reading Friends’ reunion: What’s your friends’ best moment?