Sheepish grin Vs. Blushing chuckle

– Satyakam Ray Imagine you are in a hurry to the office as you’re already late by an hour. You live on the 8th floor of a skyscraper building, and the only way of communication downwards is the lift. Without any delay, you go inside the lift and look at the phone absent-mindedly, checking the work schedule. 2 minutes later, you are still on the … Continue reading Sheepish grin Vs. Blushing chuckle

Friends’ reunion: What’s your friends’ best moment?

– Satyakam Ray How you doin’? – the iconic hook-up line of Joey will ring a bell in the minds of friends’ generations- the 1990s youths. The all-time best sitcom aired between 1994 to 2004 for over ten seasons. But the show’s power is so great that it’s still in the top 10 trending on Netflix India and is still watched by billions worldwide. The … Continue reading Friends’ reunion: What’s your friends’ best moment?

Can We build the next Silicon Valley in Bangalore?

– Satyakam Ray What makes Silicon valley so special and how we can make our own Bangalore as the next big thing in tech. industry. Read on to find out. San Jose, in the US, and Evoma coworking space in Whitefield, Bangalore, or costa coffee in Koramangala, Bangalore – have one thing in common. Whether any new idea generation or pitching about it to the … Continue reading Can We build the next Silicon Valley in Bangalore?

Do we Indians lack scientific literacy?

–Satyakam Ray In the past, one Union education minister said that astrology was above science parliament debate in 2014. In hindsight, the statement was a precursor to what’s coming our way regarding policy decision-making. The idea to promote the selling of Bhabhiji Papad as an immunity booster for Corona has gone well, with many persons possessing non-scientific temperaments. But the real scientist community looks perplexed … Continue reading Do we Indians lack scientific literacy?

Women Entrepreneurship-An Indian Perspective and How much it can contribute to the economy?

– Satyakam Ray Pattachitra- the scroll-based traditional painting known for its mythological narrative and folktales inscribed in it, an art form primarily practiced in Odisha, is in grave danger due to the cunning of mediators. The exquisite hand-crafted illustrations are not getting their due price and credit but also their struggling master-makers- the magnificent artisans.  Comes to the rescue- Zola India. Founded by an art geek … Continue reading Women Entrepreneurship-An Indian Perspective and How much it can contribute to the economy?

Anonymous- sneaky online royals

    – Satyakam Ray Being shrouded by masks, and well versed in breaching security networks, the Anonymous hackers are creating a new brand of internet activism. Read on to find out… Despite the international ban on hunting whales, it was a widespread practice in Iceland to hunt them down for profits. Icelandic company HValue made a massive amount of money through this illicit practice of … Continue reading Anonymous- sneaky online royals

The Pandemic of Plastic

– Aparna Chatterjee Since the beginning of life on the planet, living organisms have come from their single-cellular to multi-cellular structures. After billions of years, life has evolved with the highest level of intelligence and better cerebral utilization. Humans are considered the supreme most creature on the planet, and hence, we humans have taken the fate of the planet earth into our hands. Adapt- Survive- … Continue reading The Pandemic of Plastic

Gigantes: Giants beyond mythology

– Aparna Chatterjee If you are born and bought up in India, you must have a childhood adorned with mythical stories. From stories of Lord Krishna’s mischief and bravery to stories of Lord Ram’s virtue, we all grew up with cartoons and comics teaching us cardinal morals. If you are one of us, the concept of giants should not be unknown to you. We have … Continue reading Gigantes: Giants beyond mythology

Weed, Bob Marley, and Liberalism

–Satyakam Ray Disclaimer- The author doesn’t espouse the use of drugs at all, and it’s just opinionated writing. Smoke’a de ganja when I am with friends, We gonna smoke’a de ganja until the very end. Whoo-oo Ganja Ganja Whoo-oo Ganja Gun The famous Bob Marley song “Ganja Gun” lyrics might have influenced the administrators of countries like Canada, Georgia, South Africa, and Uruguay when they decided to legalize … Continue reading Weed, Bob Marley, and Liberalism

Personal liberty, freedom of speech, and Gandhi’s Philosophy

– Satyakam Ray The famous phrase “See no evil, hear no evil, Speak no evil” first appeared in Japan in the 17th century. Mahatma Gandhi’s visual metaphor of the three monkeys, with one covering his eyes, the second his mouth, and the third his ears, was popularized later and adopted as the message of peace and tolerance. In today’s context, the symbolism of peace holds … Continue reading Personal liberty, freedom of speech, and Gandhi’s Philosophy

Is Political correctness muzzling the freedom of speech?

– Satyakam Ray According to Benjamin Disraeli, a university should be a place of light, liberty, and learning. In proper regard, a liberal art and science university should uphold liberal views and academic freedom. Not so long ago, one development at Ashoka University, a private university based in Haryana, had cast doubt on the very liberal principles upon which the university is built. Two of … Continue reading Is Political correctness muzzling the freedom of speech?

S.O.S. call warriors

– Satyakam Ray Remember the Pandemic and S.O.S. calls posted on social media asking for immediate help for corona victims. A bunch of behind-the-curtain people worked day and night to address the S.O.S. calls and procure the needed things. Read on to find out more about this noble initiative… The world came under an unprecedented pandemic, and India was no exception. During the 1st wave, … Continue reading S.O.S. call warriors