Poetic Commentary of Peter Drury and Messi

– Satyakam Ray Heart sinks to a deep gorge, witnessing the fall of the adulated hero’s dreams sometimes. Regardless of nationality or religion, any avid football fan felt the same when Messi failed to score the free-kick goal against Germany in the World Cup final in 2014. The longing for the glory of the cup lingered on his face for quite some time as the … Continue reading Poetic Commentary of Peter Drury and Messi

90s Kids-Ghost Stories

–Satyakam Ray Dark alleyways.. a dilapidated bungalow, and there lived a chudail(ghost). She wore a white color saree and walked in the night holding a candle. She had no eyes, only reflections of a menacing monster lurking near the old building that some unlucky late-night bypassers could witness. This is not a fictional tale to spook the readers. It’s the most common figment of imagination … Continue reading 90s Kids-Ghost Stories

What if Argentina lost that day?

–Satyakam ray December 18, 2022- Lusail Stadium, Qatar- packed stands full of people, and billions of fans were glued on TV to the World Cup football final match between Argentina and France. “Messi” and “Vamos Argentina” were the most chanted and heard words worldwide then. Finally, the fortune favored the deserving person, and the little boy from Rosario lifted the glory in his hands. The … Continue reading What if Argentina lost that day?

Darjeeling Ghost Encounter

– Satyakam Ray Ghosts are real or hoaxes or figments of our imagination- this debate will go on among supernatural enthusiasts, psychiatrists, and rationalists for eternity with no definitive solution. But who faces or experiences them unexpectedly is forced to believe in any supernatural being lurking in the dark in the forests, neglected alleyways, or even in a hotel! On a short vacation last year, … Continue reading Darjeeling Ghost Encounter

Xavier- the “meme” guy

– Satyakam Ray The slightly pale-looking guy named Xavier in the comment section is everywhere on the internet: Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The pun-intended messages at every possible funny picture on social media by one guy named Xavier are widespread and adored by millions of fans. Going by the name Pakalu Papito, Xavier memes are legendary and, since 2013, very active on Facebook. Xavier-Chronicles: Launched … Continue reading Xavier- the “meme” guy

Sangam Literature

– Aparna Chatterjee Ancient India adorned many dialects and languages. There were several language families seven that we know of. However, two families dominated the subcontinent and continued flourishing- Indo-Aryan and Dravidian Languages. We have found ancient texts and manuscripts from both branches. We now know them as Sangam. However, one particular work still makes us wonder about the advancements when humans of many regions … Continue reading Sangam Literature

Sonu Sood is not the Messiah- he’s beyond that! 

  – Satyakam Ray I am no Messiah – the book published by Penguin on Bollywood actor Sonu Sood’s generosity during the COVID-19 pandemic is a guiding stone on ethics and people skills. The badass silver-screen villain is a well-spoken, kind-hearted soul whose heart melts by seeing the unspoken hardship of the migrants or the patients suffering due to lack of oxygen. Such was the … Continue reading Sonu Sood is not the Messiah- he’s beyond that! 

Explaining the Farm Bills

  – Satyakam Ray A lot of political humdrum had already happened over the issue; still, ordinary folks were clueless about what exactly was the case with the farm bills and why such a hue and cry went on. This article tries to demystify the farm bills for everyone. Let’s heed the issue with empathy and logic.  The crux of the protest lies in the … Continue reading Explaining the Farm Bills

Green Tea: Is it worth the hype?

   – Aparna Chatterjee Green tea is more than just a green liquid. It has less caffeine than coffee and black tea. Many consider organic green tea the healthiest beverage on the planet. That’s why so much craze has been going on for green tea among health-conscious persons and fitness freaks. But is it so different and effective as claimed by its regular drinkers, or … Continue reading Green Tea: Is it worth the hype?

Get Nicotine free!

  – Aparna Chatterjee SMOKING is one of the most banned globally, followed by the paradox that its production has not stopped. In India, smoking has been known for as long as 2000 BC, when cannabis was smoked for medicinal purposes. Being mentioned first in the Atharvaveda, along with dhooppaan (drinking smoke) of fumigations and fire offerings in Ayurveda, this practice became a trend to get high. … Continue reading Get Nicotine free!

Indian Basil

  – Aparna Chatterjee So, how often have you seen Tulsi used in your households? Living in a Hindu family, we were taught that Tulsi is a holy herb from an early age. Only later did I realize why. From kaadhaas to Prashad, this herb is crucial to many things. From our Dadi’s kitchen to Vicks Vaporub, this little herb has found its way of taking care of us. One of the healthiest and … Continue reading Indian Basil