Green Tea: Is it worth the hype?

   – Aparna Chatterjee Green tea is more than just a green liquid. It has less caffeine than coffee and black tea. Many consider organic green tea the healthiest beverage on the planet. That’s why so much craze has been going on for green tea among health-conscious persons and fitness freaks. But is it so different and effective as claimed by its regular drinkers, or … Continue reading Green Tea: Is it worth the hype?

Get Nicotine free!

  – Aparna Chatterjee SMOKING is one of the most banned globally, followed by the paradox that its production has not stopped. In India, smoking has been known for as long as 2000 BC, when cannabis was smoked for medicinal purposes. Being mentioned first in the Atharvaveda, along with dhooppaan (drinking smoke) of fumigations and fire offerings in Ayurveda, this practice became a trend to get high. … Continue reading Get Nicotine free!

Indian Basil

  – Aparna Chatterjee So, how often have you seen Tulsi used in your households? Living in a Hindu family, we were taught that Tulsi is a holy herb from an early age. Only later did I realize why. From kaadhaas to Prashad, this herb is crucial to many things. From our Dadi’s kitchen to Vicks Vaporub, this little herb has found its way of taking care of us. One of the healthiest and … Continue reading Indian Basil

Crown Shedding Fall!

– Aparna Chatterjee Looking and feeling good are critical factors to being confident. Who doesn’t like to have a fit physique, upright posture, and well-groomed hair? However, we are observing a surge in people suffering from hair loss. Adults as young as in their early twenties are complaining about bald patches. What are the possible causes? What can you do right now to save your … Continue reading Crown Shedding Fall!

The sour delight-Yogurt

– Aparna Chatterjee Who doesn’t like a sweet treat after a meal? Being Bengali, the main thing about us is that we are big-time sweet lovers. So, heavy or uncontrolled sugar intake can lead to many health issues, from dental to cardiological (How often have you heard about diabetes?). Diabetes does not necessarily occur due to high sugar intake; many other reasons exist, such as … Continue reading The sour delight-Yogurt

Turmeric water-The Magical Drink

– Aparna Chatterjee My Mother and I love to try out healthy recipes we randomly find online. But before the internet, people followed the rules of Dadi’s kitchen. I had some hilarious and weird-tasting moments with my Grandma. The smell of the herbs and spices, all pounded in a stone grinder, all the different types of Kaadhaas, and the famous instruction- “naak band karke piilo” (Close your … Continue reading Turmeric water-The Magical Drink

Shots of Immunity

–Aparna Chatterjee The coronavirus situation brought many lost Indian drinks back into the limelight. Kadha is one of them. Brewed with so many hot ingredients, this drink not only helps to increase our body temperature but also helps to elevate our immunity. So, let’s get straight to it! What do you need? Indian basil: The herb from every Indian household!  Ginger: It spices up the … Continue reading Shots of Immunity

A warm hug from Ginger tea

– Aparna Chatterjee Ginger has been the king of Ayurveda and Indian cuisine for centuries. Chinese medicines also look up to this root with high respect because it restores Yang or heat energy. Ginger and the Ayurveda: The heating qualities of Ginger tea make it helpful in treating Vata (airy element) imbalances, such as digestive issues, because it improves all three phases of gastrointestinal function (digestion, absorption, … Continue reading A warm hug from Ginger tea