Shakti- The divine power

        – Aparna Chatterjee Mystics all around the world have thrived on the concept of duality. Parties on the opposite side of the see-saw and the balance between them dictated the equilibrium of the human mind and society. India, for one, has come far by accepting these concepts a little more than others in its culture and religion. Although the traditions and the ancient mythology … Continue reading Shakti- The divine power

Konark- A tale of Open Society

– Satyakam Ray After seeing the mesmerizing Konark sun temple, the awe-inspiring artistic masterpiece, great Poet Rabindranath Tagore, had minced no words to applaud the beauty. He said, “Here, the language of the stone surpasses the language of man.”   No wonder Konark Sun temple, also known as the black pagoda, features among the seven wonders of India, along with the likes of the Taj Mahal … Continue reading Konark- A tale of Open Society

Afterlife thoughts: What happens when one dies?

– Satyakam Ray In Marvel’s cinematic universe, the Black Panther star late actor Chadwick Boseman has a lot of influence. When T’challa (Boseman) lost his father during the civil war movie, he told the Black widow about his beliefs. According to T’challa, death is not the end in his culture. It’s mere of a stepping-off point. Your reach out with both hands, and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead … Continue reading Afterlife thoughts: What happens when one dies?

The Dark comedy-an alternate form of humor

   – Satyakam Ray Here goes a 100% true story. Once, an IAS officer, very respected for his work ethic and integrity, retired from service. His phone, emails, and social media accounts were inundated with congratulatory messages. But one question kept asking him what he would do to kill time. All the questions were good-intended, though they bothered the “recently retired” bureaucrat. One day upon … Continue reading The Dark comedy-an alternate form of humor

Weed, Bob Marley, and Liberalism

–Satyakam Ray Disclaimer- The author doesn’t espouse the use of drugs at all, and it’s just opinionated writing. Smoke’a de ganja when I am with friends, We gonna smoke’a de ganja until the very end. Whoo-oo Ganja Ganja Whoo-oo Ganja Gun The famous Bob Marley song “Ganja Gun” lyrics might have influenced the administrators of countries like Canada, Georgia, South Africa, and Uruguay when they decided to legalize … Continue reading Weed, Bob Marley, and Liberalism