Old triggers die hard.

– Aparna Chatterjee Staring outside the window,Feeling the wind as it blows,The aroma of our favorite pizza house fills up my nose.My mind goes to the time before we drifted apart,Old triggers die hard. An inquisitive stare, a curious look,I could tell if you liked something or were shaken.Flabbergasted how things fell apart,Old triggers die hard. Was it a word or a phrase you used?I … Continue reading Old triggers die hard.

Denial of the Reality

– Aparna Chatterjee It’s okay not to care,It’s okay if you can no more bear it,It’s okay to feel this void between you and yourself.If ignorance can put you at ease,It’s okay to deny reality. It’s okay if you can’t comprehend,What is happening and this weird thing called feeling?It’s okay if daily tasks seem like a mountain you’re climbing.Feel pity for those who say, “Just … Continue reading Denial of the Reality

Him in the veil

– Aditi Anvita One clear evenfall, on the way back home,She speculated a dark figure around. She felt tiresome, or it was real,She moved her steps towards it. As she advanced,The shape walked ahead too. Everything was not a clear vision,It appeared intriguing. Finding it difficult not to follow,She determined to check that fellow. A few minutes later, it became staticAnd crouched itself on a … Continue reading Him in the veil

Lost in the crowd

        – Satyakam Ray I want my beacon; I want my beacon, Lost in the crowd without any direction. People are running at a maddening speed, Nobody feels relaxed as a need. “I have no time” being the mantra, No leisure to watch a rainbow or spectra. Racing in the herd to get approval from cynics, “Money” is the primary success metric. Education, expectations, and … Continue reading Lost in the crowd

Ink went dry

       – Satyakam Ray Flickering lights scattered,on the way home,illuminating the dark path,the soul being cleansed. A plethora of words, emotions,stuck in the heart,helpless rants, dwindling reflections,want a way out. Feels secluded on an island,among blue vastness,choked heart with stoic silence,the meandering soul being restless. Sitting on the balcony,watching the crowd go north,muted aspirations, feeling numb,the zeal has gone south. A blank piece of paper, … Continue reading Ink went dry

The Crying Mask

– Satyakam Ray Eyes are red, inflicted with pain,pouring heavily with stoic strain. The heart is heavy; the soul is numb,witnessing theatrics is dumb. This is my front, covering the face,saving the real below the surface. Serving my purpose, I am the mask,belies the feelings; that’s my task. My front side bearing the brunt,Rear watching the grin-quite stunned. Things have changed; I have reversed the … Continue reading The Crying Mask


         – Satyakam Ray Boat 01- Man seated inside the boat (1st Scenario) A hapless man sitting in a boat, Done by the waves, trying to float. Resources are down; the spirit is dwindling, No compass, not a single soul in sighting. Is he going for a watery grave? A little piece of land, he craves! No one answers the SOS calls, Nobody to witness … Continue reading Perception

A Waiting Poem

– Aditi Anvita A poem whacking at the cryptic arched entrance,Probably, been procrastinating for a long time,I crave momentous ideas to greet them in,Exhilarating thoughts to stitch promising lines,Commence threading words with intellectTo welcome original exquisite compositions,Speculate, explore, scribble, and erase,So, heading through lots of clutter,On the blank undone stimulating sheet,Seek my soul to compose a competent piece,Spend moments and discover a free verse,Recent visitors … Continue reading A Waiting Poem

It’s better to be alone.

– Satyakam Ray Sitting on a park bench, Watching the birds chirping, Stillness in the wood and mood, And the clouds hovering, As far as I see above the horizon. I see a pair of squirrels, Playing in the trees, Nonchalantly with zero stress, Their existence is simple, Without any “modernism” fuss, As we humans do!! Writing down the words, As they come to my … Continue reading It’s better to be alone.

Where did he go?

– Aditi Anvita In the diverse regions of Earth,Numerous life nature brings forth. A long time back lived an inhabitant,From the desert, resources are not scant. His group roamed in a caravan,Their entire lifespan. They halted on speculating an oasis,Their ultimate supporting basis. That sustained them for a limited time,For that guy, the short duration was not sublime. He believed in the perks of plains,Cultivated, there … Continue reading Where did he go?