A waiting poem

– Aditi Anvita A poem whacking at cryptic arched entrance,Probably, been procrastinating for a long time,I crave momentous ideas to greet them in,Exhilarating thoughts to stitch promising lines,Commence threading words with intellectTo welcome original exquisite composition,Speculate explore scribble and erase,So, heading through lots of clutter,On blank undone stimulating sheet,Seek my soul to compose competent piece,Spend moments and discover a free verse,Recent visitor delighted my melancholic … Continue reading A waiting poem

It’s better to be alone

– Satyakam Ray Sitting on a park bench, Watching the birds chirping, Stillness in the wood and mood, And the clouds hovering, As far I see above the horizon. I see a pair of squirrels, Playing in the trees, Nonchalantly with zero stress, Their existence is simple, Without any “modernism” fuss, As we humans do!! Writing down the words, As they come to my mind, … Continue reading It’s better to be alone

The Crying Mask

– Satyakam Ray Eyes are red, inflicted with pain,pouring heavily with stoic strain. The heart is heavy, the soul is numb,witnessing theatrics is dumb. This is my front, covering the face,saving the real below the surface. Serving my purpose, I am the mask,belies the feelings, that’s my task. My front side bearing the brunt,Rear watching the grin-quite stunned. Things have changed, reversed the role,showing a … Continue reading The Crying Mask

Where did he go?

– Aditi Anvita In the diverse regions of Earth,Numerous life, nature brings forth. Long time back lived an inhabitant,Form the desert, resources not scant. His group roamed in a caravan,Their entire lifespan. They halted on speculating an oasis,Their ultimate supporting basis. That sustained them for a limited time,For that guy, short duration was not sublime. He believed in the  perks of plains,Cultivated there, were adequate … Continue reading Where did he go?