90s Kids-Ghost Stories

–Satyakam Ray Dark alleyways.. a dilapidated bungalow, and there lived a chudail(ghost). She wore a white color saree and walked in the night holding a candle. She had no eyes, only reflections of a menacing monster lurking near the old building that some unlucky late-night bypassers could witness. This is not a fictional tale to spook the readers. It’s the most common figment of imagination … Continue reading 90s Kids-Ghost Stories

Darjeeling Ghost Encounter

– Satyakam Ray Ghosts are real or hoaxes or figments of our imagination- this debate will go on among supernatural enthusiasts, psychiatrists, and rationalists for eternity with no definitive solution. But who faces or experiences them unexpectedly is forced to believe in any supernatural being lurking in the dark in the forests, neglected alleyways, or even in a hotel! On a short vacation last year, … Continue reading Darjeeling Ghost Encounter

Sangam Literature

– Aparna Chatterjee Ancient India adorned many dialects and languages. There were several language families seven that we know of. However, two families dominated the subcontinent and continued flourishing- Indo-Aryan and Dravidian Languages. We have found ancient texts and manuscripts from both branches. We now know them as Sangam. However, one particular work still makes us wonder about the advancements when humans of many regions … Continue reading Sangam Literature

Old triggers die hard.

– Aparna Chatterjee Staring outside the window,Feeling the wind as it blows,The aroma of our favorite pizza house fills up my nose.My mind goes to the time before we drifted apart,Old triggers die hard. An inquisitive stare, a curious look,I could tell if you liked something or were shaken.Flabbergasted how things fell apart,Old triggers die hard. Was it a word or a phrase you used?I … Continue reading Old triggers die hard.


– Aparna Chatterjee As we laugh and cry,The seconds pass by.The idiocy in holding on,Waits for the eyes to get dry.They may be numb at night,The silence of winter nights sends chills down your spine.Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok, the clock never sleeps tight. Taking one step at a time,Be it a success you own now,Or a failure in which you thrived.Waiting for the world to halt for … Continue reading Tik-Tok

Denial of the Reality

– Aparna Chatterjee It’s okay not to care,It’s okay if you can no longer bear it,It’s okay to feel this void between you and yourself.If ignorance can put you at ease,It’s okay to deny reality. It’s okay if you can’t comprehend,What is happening and this weird thing called feeling?It’s okay if daily tasks seem like a mountain you’re climbing.Feel pity for those who say, “Just … Continue reading Denial of the Reality

Him in the veil

– Aditi Anvita One clear evenfall, on the way back home,She speculated a dark figure around. She felt tiresome, or it was real,She moved her steps towards it. As she advanced,The shape walked ahead, too. Everything was not a clear vision,It appeared intriguing. Finding it difficult not to follow,She determined to check that fellow. A few minutes later, it became staticAnd crouched itself on a … Continue reading Him in the veil

Ruskin Bond-the Writer from the Hills

– Satyakam Ray It’s always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any time, you belong to them. There is no escape. – The quote by Ruskin Bond is quite apt considering the life itinerary of the master storyteller who has lived a vast chunk of his writing career in the hills inspired by nature. Listening to the birds chirping, the … Continue reading Ruskin Bond-the Writer from the Hills

Lost in the crowd

        – Satyakam Ray I want my beacon; I want my beacon, Lost in the crowd without any direction. People are running at a maddening speed, Nobody feels relaxed as a need. “I have no time” being the mantra, No leisure to watch a rainbow or spectra. Racing in the herd to get approval from cynics, “Money” is the primary success metric. Education, expectations, and … Continue reading Lost in the crowd

Ink went dry

       – Satyakam Ray Flickering lights scattered,On the way home,illuminating the dark path,the soul being cleansed. A plethora of words, emotions,stuck in the heart,helpless rants, dwindling reflections,want a way out. It feels secluded on an island,among blue vastness,choked heart with stoic silence,the meandering soul being restless. Sitting on the balcony,watching the crowd go north,muted aspirations, feeling numb,The zeal has gone south. A blank piece of … Continue reading Ink went dry

90s Kids-WWE

– Satyakam Ray Have you ever tried wrestling with siblings or cousins during school holidays just for fun in the absence of parents? If the answer is yes, the author predicts that the fight may not go as well as planned, resulting in a scuffle. What was supposed to be a friendly banter among cousins eventually reached parents’ ears as complaints and subsequent reprimands. Well, … Continue reading 90s Kids-WWE