Sangam literature

– Aparna Chatterjee Ancient India adorned many dialects and languages. There were several language families seven that we know of. But two families dominated the subcontinent then and continue to flourish even now- The Indo-Aryan languages and the Dravidian Languages. We have found ancient texts and manuscripts from both branches. We now know them as Sangam. However, one particular work still makes us wonder about … Continue reading Sangam literature

Ruskin Bond- the Writer from the Hills

– Satyakam Ray It’s always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any time, you belong to them. There is no escape. – the quote by Ruskin Bond is quite apt considering the life itinerary of the master storyteller who has lived a vast chunk of his writing career in the hills inspired by nature. Listening to the birds chirping, the … Continue reading Ruskin Bond- the Writer from the Hills

10 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

– Satyakam Ray Writer’s Block: The inability to develop new ideas, produce unique content within a strict deadline, or write down the magnum opus, clinging to perfectionism, might lead the way for blank papers over a long time. The ink might dry a little bit, insinuating frustration and desperation for the Writer. However, many authors belittle the problem by terming it too much leisure time. Thoroughly studied by Austrian psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler, Writer’s block … Continue reading 10 Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Bibliosmia-The Charm of Old Book Smell

– Satyakam Ray Bibliosmia is where book lovers sniff off the pages by keeping the book close to their nostrils. Though this sweet but weird activity is limited to bibliophiles, still practiced worldwide. From lonely second-hand bookstores across the globe to sophisticated libraries, evidence of Bibliosmia can be found everywhere. It’s unknown when this concept got wider attention and how long this practice has been … Continue reading Bibliosmia-The Charm of Old Book Smell

How to Enter the Creative “Zone”? -An Analysis of Creative Flow and Hypergraphia

      – Satyakam Ray During the creative flow process, the person channelizes all his élan vital to focus on the task on hand and try to perform 100% to get a sense of fulfillment, uninterrupted joy, and the feel of esteemed self-worth. History suggests that many gifted writers and best-seller novelists run a little to get their optimum creative flow. Many others follow their unique but weird ways … Continue reading How to Enter the Creative “Zone”? -An Analysis of Creative Flow and Hypergraphia