The last momo soliloquy explanation

  – Satyakam Ray The momo, I referred to, is a symbolic representation of human beings in general. It can be you, me, or anyone else. As we grow up, we always tend to become self-centered. We compare ourselves to others and become happy sadistically by pointing out others’ flaws. We take ourselves seriously and brag about our outward success, fame, money, and so forth. … Continue reading The last momo soliloquy explanation

The last Momo Soliloquy

– Satyakam Ray Preamble for the Reader: It’s a work of metaphor. The soliloquy is described by a momo which is coincidentally the last momo of the plate. The character is speaking to the chutney(spicy) sometimes about her anguishes, feelings, and whatnot. So, it’s up to the reader’s imagination to figure out the real meaning of this literary work.  Scenario 1-10 Momos on a Plate:- … Continue reading The last Momo Soliloquy