90s kids-Vacations

– Satyakam Ray “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”- Gustave Flaubert. The great French 19th-century novelist Mr. Flaubert didn’t anticipate that his quotes would remain relevant almost 100 years after his demise. The 1990s borns and kids would happily recollect the vacation stories of their school and college days with much enthusiasm at a gathering of … Continue reading 90s kids-Vacations

90s Kids-School Romance

– Satyakam Ray 90s kids and the romance in the school days- there lies many fascinating stories for the readers to grasp in their leisure time. It was a time when the teenagers’ total universe centered around board exam pressure, a few sports or cricket sessions, and imitating sachin or shaktimaan. A few young romantic brats and studs those days made the headlines in the … Continue reading 90s Kids-School Romance

90s Kids-Ghost Stories

–Satyakam Ray Dark alleyways.. a dilapidated bungalow, and there lived a chudail(ghost). She wore a white color saree and walked in the night holding a candle. She had no eyes, only reflections of a menacing monster lurking near the old building that some unlucky late-night bypassers could witness. This is not a fictional tale to spook the readers. It’s the most common figment of imagination … Continue reading 90s Kids-Ghost Stories

90s Kids-WWE

– Satyakam Ray Have you ever tried wrestling with siblings or cousins during school holidays just for fun in the absence of parents? If the answer is yes, the author predicts that the fight may not go as well as planned, resulting in a scuffle. What was supposed to be a friendly banter among cousins eventually reached parents’ ears as complaints and subsequent reprimands. Well, … Continue reading 90s Kids-WWE

90s Kids-Sachin

– Satyakam Ray 18 Dec 2022- Lusail stadium and the rest of the world over their TVs were chanting only two things- Lio Messi and Vamos Argentina. That is one of the all-time great sporting spectacles in soccer history. A fitting crown was handed over to the GOAT of the game. In India, where cricket is the unwritten religion, the little master blaster Sachin is … Continue reading 90s Kids-Sachin

90s Kids-Shaktimaan

– Satyakam Ray The Avengers Endgame broke all Hollywood records in terms of revenue. It also touched the hearts of millions with its powerful, emotional superhero portrayal and the fantastic Marvel storyline. Though the Indian audience cherished it, many 90s kids remember the first Indian Superhero-Shaktimaan. Every Sunday at noon IST- the TVs in Indian households would be turned on without fail during the early … Continue reading 90s Kids-Shaktimaan

The 90s Kids-what it’s like?

– Satyakam Ray “Our generation is the best.”- The eternal chest-thumping of people of different age groups in social media posts is a known fact. The constant comparison happens in almost every opportunity, be it a music video, a delectable delicacy, a movie, or general life paraphernalia. The question comes- who will decide whose generation is the best in current circumstances? And, more importantly, which … Continue reading The 90s Kids-what it’s like?