About Us

Aristotle said, “Be a free thinker and don’t accept everything you hear as truth. Be critical and evaluate what you believe in.”

While the world around us challenges at every step we take in life, as it’s full of gravel, it’s crucial to take proper unfaltering wise steps forward suffused with free-thinking and logical clarity. In that sense, Aristotle’s words make sense now.

The Witty Stride is an all-out effort to spread the “elan vital” of life among the masses, thus ensuring that free thinking becomes the center stage of the thought process in the mainstream lifestyle. Through words of poetic verses, hard-hitting satire, amusing short stories, brainstorming analytical articles, or thought-evoking socio-political issues, The Witty Stride aims to become the beacon of knowledge and wisdom.

Co-founded by Satyakam Ray and Aparna Chatterjee, The Witty Stride takes pride in taking many similar mindset intellectuals in her Stride to exude erudition among readers convincing them to take a steady forward stride in life. So, Let’s lengthen our Stride to go the extra mile!

Satyakam Ray

A techie by profession, a passionate SAP researcher, and a writer as a hobby. Wittystride is his brainchild of curiosity-driven intellectual pursuits. A natural political satirist who tries penning on various genres. A techno-management enthusiast who wants to make The Wittystride a globally recognizable brand.

Aparna Chatterjee

A progeny of Bhadralok culture and a techie. She is currently learning the ropes of entrepreneurship skillset. Having expert penmanship on lifestyle and mythology, she’s a keen observer of the current socio-political regime conundrum. Apart from being a painter, She has a good command of poetic verses. She handles the social media and digital marketing aspects of the Wittystride.


If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.- Benjamin Franklin.

Titirsha, a medico by Profession and an artist by Passion, embodies the essence of this famous quote. A juggernaut between paint brushes and stetho, Titirsha does the quintessential multitasking with her youthful positive vibe, strong determination, and unshakable work ethic. Having worked in various renowned brands and Apps like Snapchat, SVF Entertainment, and Happy Wagon she has proved her mettle. In Wittystride, She beautifies the content by doing excellent digital illustrations, thus ensuring the sparkling of wisdom reaches out to the masses!