The smell of the first rain

Satyakam Ray

The thirsty dried up soil
Pondering looking the sky
Dreaming about the night fall
when the crickets cry
The trees freshen up
And the humans run
to take shelter
from the treacherous rains..

Oh, the dream is about to fulfill
the sky is heavy
ready to drench the earth
with heavy pellets of rain
the soil is eager
to embrace his love
after a while…

Finally, it happened
the heavy pour touched
the earth
and just persisted
to satiate its greedy lover
giving assurances and promises
not to leave
its side again…..

The rain continues to thunder
surpassing all the murmur
about its covet love with soil
but it can not be hidden
as truth triumphs
here comes the smell of the first rain
the sign of love-making
between the earth and rain

Oh,it oozes smoothly
from the floral bed
of shivering rain
and sizzling earth
to remind
getting with the grooves
under the sky
and on the earthy roof.

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