The day gone by…

Satyakam Ray

A silhoutte self-grimace
against the dimming sky
or a beholding spectacle
unearthed before the eye
As the day gone by..

Spooky thoughts drenched
along with the evening drizzle
mustering courage to
look beyond and sizzle
As the day gone by..

Another diurnal alarm beep
then running in the horde of sheep
towards the thing called “success”
in the grim rat race
As the day gone by..

Hope-filled morning rants
treacherous evening shafts
in between the whole day
of day dreaming
some of them realizing
others just plain crashing
As the day gone by..

Noting down emotions
on a scribble-scrabble
oh, a plethora of them
lyning unnoticed on dead rubble
before the shut-eye
As the day gone by…

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