Satyakam Ray

In the mayhem
of “me first”
sitting on the bench
at the life’s platform
going unnoticed
holding a pen..
scribbling here and there
as things past me
the race continues
beholding dramas
unfolded before my eyes!!

Why do I need to write
stuff down
to usher creative
sparkles shown
to my readers?
Do they need anyway?

I ask the question
to myself over and over
to find an answer
in my chaotic chatter
with my forlorn soul
to declutter the nasty foul
of being self-obsessed!

Do people heed my concern?
As I am the creative intern
at the life’s biggest “play”
where people only slay
to impress own ego
and people’s perception
from its inception!

A pen and a diary
to note down life’s shayari
As I soul-search myself
to redeem vibes
over the shady skies
before the darkness engulfs!

Yet, sitting on the corner
looking intently
the emotions
perceptions of
what life really is?
eager to note down
my muses more
coz, I still own a pen

and have some leisure.

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