Poetic Commentary of Peter Drury and Messi

Satyakam Ray

Heart sinks to a deep gorge, witnessing the fall of the adulated hero’s dreams sometimes. Regardless of nationality or religion, any avid football fan felt the same when Messi failed to score the free-kick goal against Germany in the World Cup final in 2014. The longing for the glory of the cup lingered on his face for quite some time as the award ceremony went on after the match. The recognition eluded the little boy from Rosario, as did the fascinating commentary of Peter Drury, who couldn’t find a chance to immortalize the magic man in the galaxy of football legends.

Peter Drury- the celebrated British Sports broadcaster, is a gifted commentator who influenced the whole world with his spontaneous elucidation and sharp wit any script writer would envy. Having covered as many big world cups in his fray, Peter Drury is aware of the career growth of many legends and their Ernest long-subdued dreams. Peter Drury was there in the 2014 finals. He made himself available for his quintessential role during the 2022 finals to render the GOAT debate to a halt. In Peter Drury’s words- “It’s hard to escape the supposition that he rendered himself today, the Greatest of all time” while announcing Messi as the World Cup winner and the ultimate GOAT.

As a viewer, it’s a treat to hear the golden words of Peter Drury during live commentary. It’s enthralling, unparalleled. The nuisance of linguistic subtlety to capture the essence of the live proceedings on the pitch and share it with millions of viewers worldwide is an art. Peter Drury embodies this art form. It gives complete goosebumps to the listeners in the heat of the moment and takes them to sublime bliss.

As the tournament began in Qatar, after the first defeat by Saudi Arabia, Argentina was forced into an abyss. Only one person could bring them back on track: Lionel Messi. Messi silenced the critics by guiding the team into the glory game by game. In Peter Drury’s words,” Messi achieved the final peak in his stellar career.”

The boy from Rosario, Santa Fey, has finally joined his galaxy. From the barb of criticisms from fans chanting “Where is Messi?” it subsequently turned into “Vamos Argentina,” and it was a roller-coaster ride. Peter Drury entertained fans throughout the journey with his poetic diction of the choicest words to encapsulate the mercurial magic. As he kissed the World Cup glory, millions of hearts were cured of potential depression.

When Mbappe scored the equalizer in the 81st minute, Drury’s reference to ” an extreme force of nature” was brief and appropriate. For example, while Angela Di Maria cruised through the French defense to score the second goal, Peter Drury announced ” the Argentine gold.” Countless times, the elucidation and enunciation suffused with aggression in the voice of Peter Drury only make the supposition possible- Peter Drury is the Morgan Freeman of Football commentary.

Thousands of occasions will arise again to hear the magical mercurial words from Peter Drury and maybe a few more opportunities to see the Messi magic. But in a certain period, Peter Drury has done justice to the amazing Messi’s brilliance in the world arena. He sainted Messi alongside Maradona on the pedestals of the world’s best footballers.

It gives chills to hear the words on a loop of Peter Drury, “Argentina, the champions of the world, and the nation will tango all night long… 36 years since Maradona and Mexico. Here, finally, is the nation’s new throne of immortals. Messi will be sainted. France, this time denied, defied.. and in 2022, the world champions are Argentina… Lionel Messi has conquered his final peak. Lionel Messi has shaken hands with Paradise… The little boy from Rosario, Santa Fey, just pitched up in heaven.. he climbed to a galaxy of his own.. he was beautiful..he was the point of difference..he has always been the point of difference. Unparalleled. Maybe today, there will always be those who argue, always be those who debate.. and the debate could rage on if you like. But as he falls in love with the object in the world that his heart most desires. It’s hard to escape the supposition that he has rendered himself today … (pause) the greatest of all time.”

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