Xavier- the “meme” guy

Satyakam Ray

The slightly pale-looking guy named Xavier in the comment section is everywhere on the internet: Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. The pun-intended messages at every possible funny picture on social media by one guy named Xavier are widespread and adored by millions of fans. Going by the name Pakalu Papito, Xavier memes are legendary and, since 2013, very active on Facebook.


Launched back in 2013 as a “novelty Twitter account,” Pakalu Papito went viral and gained popularity in 2015. His Facebook page also has a massive fan following. In 2018, the original person’s Twitter and Facebook accounts were taken down for unknown reasons. Many fake accounts have resurfaced since then, again doing the same thing as the original Xavier used to do. It’s questionable whether the guy behind the memes is the real Xavier.

As the story goes, Pakalu Papito is an IT guy living abroad. He started this account on a challenge by his friends that he wouldn’t cross just 500 followers. But the funny tweets and puns got overwhelming responses from the microblogging site. That led to the series of memes flooding from the user, leading to the immortal status in the meme world.

Xavier meme as humor:

Interestingly, the famous storyteller Narada Muni used humor in the epic Mahabharata. Though the medium here is virtual, the Xavier guy subtly drew the attention of massive followers to his jokes. At the appropriate time, Narada Muni used to give humorous punch lines on every occasion. The humor’s timing is crucial as it directly impacts the audience.

The art of pun-intended humor is not new in modern history. A pun is the humorous use of a word or phrase with several meanings or sounds like another word. Pun-intended jokes depicting pictures are the newest approach to dry humor. A little intelligence is also required to understand and appreciate pun jokes. Xavier memes come under the category of puns.

Xavier memes on Social media:

For every incident, Xavier memes have some funny, witty response. The sarcasm and cynicism of the guy are profound in his approach to the events. It requires maturity to come back with something new, which is funnier. Funnier is his mustache face. Many users share Xavier’s face as meme material on social media.

The Gen-Z people who grew up using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will remember the Xavier guy and his content for a long time. The Xavier page is run by whom- still unknown. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter as long as witty puns fly away toward the users consistently for a little bit of laughter and a stress-free environment.

Some of the famous Xavier memes are as follows.

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The list of Xavier memes goes on and on. Hopefully, it will continue to do so in the future.

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