Get Nicotine free!

  – Aparna Chatterjee

SMOKING is one of the most banned globally, followed by the paradox that its production has not stopped. In India, smoking has been known for as long as 2000 BC, when cannabis was smoked for medicinal purposes. Being mentioned first in the Atharvaveda, along with dhooppaan (drinking smoke) of fumigations and fire offerings in Ayurveda, this practice became a trend to get high. Tobacco smoking, in particular, came into practice in the 17th century.

Why should we quit smoking?

When the smoke passes the filter, it leaves a sticky TAR substance. The amount left behind is uncertain. But continuous smoking leads to tar build-up, hampering lung, heart, brain, and mouth functions.

Now, enough of the history and science of smoking. Let’s talk about how we should detox our bodies!

  • A hot shower goes a long way:

Our body has many ways of throwing waste out. Since skin has the maximum surface area, one can imagine the garbage it throws off. Higher temperature tends to open the pores of our skin, exposing the dirt lying within. Our skin breathes through these pores, expels the toxins, and inhales the oxygen, rejuvenating itself. So, who wants to detox themselves in such a relaxing way? The water temperature should be as hot as you can bear, but refrain from using it on your head. (This weakens your hair roots, leading to hair fall!) Let your skin breathe out all that nicotine, fella.

  • Work that sweats out!

Another way that our skin expels waste is via sweat. So, working out has to be one of the effective ways to detox your body! As I explained how skin plays an essential role in detoxification, it is evident that working out must be on this list. Increasing the intake of oxygen, burning the calories, extracting the toxins from your lungs, throwing them out of your body, and working out can do wonders. Transforming you into a healthier being in every way possible. Now, working out or doing some yoga serves the same purpose ultimately. Choose whatever you are comfortable with, and you are good to go.

Also, you can try breathing exercises, mainly if you are not a gym fanatic.

  • Check your vitamin intake:

Have you seen some of your grandparents smoking for their entire lives yet living till 80? The primary reason is that they are healthier and more robust than this generation. Thanks to ever-increasing pollution, chemicals in our vegetables, and processed food, we might be deteriorating our health with every bite (And since we are smoking) with every breath. So, it is imperative to get all our vitamins. We all know that the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables has decreased drastically, and consumption should be increased. Also, you can go for multivitamin tablets prescribed by your doctor.

  • Use Detox drinks:

Use any detox or drink gallons of water. Stay HYDRATED, no matter what. Staying thirsty might elevate your want to take a puff; bring a water shot instead!

  • Let the ginger kick in!

Ginger has been well-known for its medicinal properties for centuries. Ginger helps defend against malignant diseases. You can eat a piece of ginger with a meal or drink ginger root tea, which facilitates breathing. It is a powerful tool to discharge the toxins in your lungs. Ginger also helps expand your lungs and loosens phlegm because it is a natural expectorant (e.g., cough syrup) that breaks down and removes mucus. This will help improve circulation to your lungs, thus reducing the risk of many chronic lung diseases. It promotes respiratory health by eliminating tobacco smoke, air pollutants, and perfumes from the air passages before they irritate your lungs. Ginger helps improve your lungs’ functions by increasing lung capacity.

  • Spice your food up!

CHILLI PEPPERS can help when it comes to cleansing your lungs. Capsaicin, the burning sensation chilies provide, can kill lung and pancreatic cancer cells! Researchers believe this is why people living in Mexico and India who eat spicy foods tend to have lower rates of some cancers. The bright color of red chili peppers signals that it is rich in beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A. The vitamin A found in red chili peppers is essential for healthy mucous membranes lining the lungs and nasal passages. Mucous membranes help defend against invading pathogens.

It’s never too late to quit smoking. It is not a stress reliever; it’s a slow murderer. And yes, it’s difficult, but not impossible. Avoid stress, dairy products, white flour, sugar, and, most importantly, smokers. You would not like anything to sabotage your hard work. Inspire others to quit smoking and stay healthy. It undoubtedly will be challenging initially, but I promise all that zeal will be worth it in the end! Nothing is more important than your health.  

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