Ruskin Bond-the Writer from the Hills

Satyakam Ray

It’s always the same with mountains. Once you have lived with them for any time, you belong to them. There is no escape. – The quote by Ruskin Bond is quite apt considering the life itinerary of the master storyteller who has lived a vast chunk of his writing career in the hills inspired by nature. Listening to the birds chirping, the squirrels running in the branches of the trees, the little monkeys jumping from tree to tree, or watching ordinary folks who walk around dealing with daily misery, as well as happiness from the window of the room, has been the little pleasures of the writer from the hills.

The writer recently celebrated his 87th birthday and his extended family in Mussoorie. Due to the coronavirus situation, his interaction with fans and readers had ceased. His weekly visit to the Oxford Bookshop was deferred. But the enthusiasm to write a classic, engaging short story remains the same as Mr. Bond is busy writing new books for his loving reader base.

Ruskin Bond- Childhood and Nostalgia of India:

Being born into British parents and mingled with Indian princes/princesses as childhood mates, Ruskin Bond has an immense impression of Indian culture. He has a special bond with his ardent fans. So much so that after living in England for four years, the young author couldn’t forget what it was like living in India, and the nostalgia and free spirit brought him back to his place of birth. After that, he became a writer and won many accolades in the literary circle.

Ruskin bond- work, recognition, and writing style:

Through his short stories and novels, Ruskin Bond has taken the readers into a vicarious state of mind where the reader can feel as if he’s the story’s main character and he’s the one who’s been doing all the stuff. That’s the essence of a literary maestro in connection with the audience and the fluid writing flow. Very few people can do that through their writings, and the Ruskin bond is one of them. The well-deserved literary legend has received his due in the form of recognitions like the Sahitya Akademi award, Padma Shri (1999), and Padma Bhushan (2014). More than the awards, he has a vast fan base from children to older adults. 

Suppose anybody looks at the Bonds’ other works. In that case, “Rusti Runs Away” is undoubtedly the best fictional work, considering how it captures the adolescent period brat attitude and the urge to live a free life. “The Night Train of shamli,” one of the best Ruskin Bond creations, subtly explores the youthful naivety and eagerness toward the love interest. While entering the youth stage, the freedom one seeks aptly reflected in Ruskin Bond’s stories, whether running wildly after encountering a ghost in the pine forest, watching the apparitions of monkeys, broomsticks, and witches, or the millennial killing at midnight – the stories and characters reflect the author’s spooky side. 

Though not married, Ruskin Bond has fallen in love many times. He proclaims that he once got attracted to a girl on a village road while trying different berries from the bush, but the shy romanticism didn’t give him the confidence to proceed further. 

The stories of Ruskin Bond connect with the audience as a way of escapism from the mundane aspects of living to explore the warmth and liveliness of the natural world. Walking down the village road or beside the streamside along a knoll while going through P.G. Wood house’s classic, an eccentric sacrilegious routine of Mr. Bond gives him the required ammunition to counter his readers’ curiosity with a simple yet soul-enthralling process. 

The minimalistic grandiloquence and lucid verbatim make Ruskin Bond’s books “unputdownable.” Mr. Bond always stresses clarity when asked about his writing style. He doesn’t want his readers to “toil and sweat” to enjoy the literature.  

The writer from Dehra is often writing about folks from different walks of life. According to Bond, he can connect with the things he sees daily, and those are his subjects. That’s why he doesn’t write on conspiracy theories, sex, violence, political patronage, etc. Though some of his writings are meant for children, adults also want to munch on them. 


The soul-stirring literary work of Ruskin Bond enriches the precious lives of book readers. Amid the uncertainty of the future, a little bedside Ruskin bond book gives little solace and hope for better prospects. According to Ruskin Bond, happiness is mysterious, to be found somewhere between too little and too much. Yearning for good vibes and happiness is the quintessential trait of a fulfilled life. Ruskin Bond’s books give the zeal to pursue those aspects. 

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