Lost in the crowd

        – Satyakam Ray

I want my beacon; I want my beacon,

Lost in the crowd without any direction.

People are running at a maddening speed,

Nobody feels relaxed as a need.

“I have no time” being the mantra,

No leisure to watch a rainbow or spectra.

Racing in the herd to get approval from cynics,

“Money” is the primary success metric.

Education, expectations, and all those quandaries,

Job, passion, and “safety zone”- the scoffing wry.

Bored in this process, I lost my way,

Now, In search of novelty, identity, and a new way.

Let me free from the shackles of ennui, desperation,

I need the “feel,” the zeal, and new inspiration.

Wise men claim life has a purpose,

but it is a thorny bush adorned with a rose.

In this mayhem of “Me first,”

Want to lead the way with a new start?

To fulfill my dreams, to find salvation,

Let me find my beacon, my beacon.

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