Denial of the Reality

Aparna Chatterjee

It’s okay not to care,
It’s okay if you can no longer bear it,
It’s okay to feel this void between you and yourself.
If ignorance can put you at ease,
It’s okay to deny reality.

It’s okay if you can’t comprehend,
What is happening and this weird thing called feeling?
It’s okay if daily tasks seem like a mountain you’re climbing.
Feel pity for those who say, “Just smile and breath,”
It’s okay to deny reality.

It’s okay if you’re now living on daydreaming and alcohol,
It’s okay if music feels like banging doors instead of a melodious song

It’s okay if you’re skipping a meal or two for now.
What’s not okay? Do you hate
yourself for all this?
What’s not okay is denying some help when you genuinely need it.
But till the time you figure this thing out and cope,
Denial of reality can be your only hope.

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