The 90s Kids-what it’s like?

Satyakam Ray

“Our generation is the best.”- The eternal chest-thumping of people of different age groups in social media posts is a known fact. The constant comparison happens in almost every opportunity, be it a music video, a delectable delicacy, a movie, or general life paraphernalia. The question comes- who will decide whose generation is the best in current circumstances?

And, more importantly, which aspects should be considered before choosing the best generation? Those aspects must also be considered if we do the “best generation” rigmarole or debate. The challenging times and the determination to counter those quandries often reflect the character of a whole generation. If we think only of the best or good sides of people’s lives at that age, that’s a rookie mistake.

Every generation goes through its fair share of upbringing, school days, innocent teenage romances, trending songs or movies or TV series, social fabric, outside surroundings, tastes in movies, etc. Personal experiences and preferences in life vary from person to person.

But a constant reference to 90s kids comes up in every possible discussion or altercation. Comparing it with today’s stressful lifestyle and the never-ending rat race and remembering the old golden days has been the best time pass for the youths entering their early 30s. Who are we to blame this soothing, sweet frivolity of recalling and recollecting?

90s kids- kids born or brought up between 1990-2000 are generally known as 90s kids. They are early millennials. Whether in India or any other country, the experience of the 90s kids is concurrently similar. Because the 90s were the times of economic reform and the booming of a tech-savvy social fabric change, the financial upside growth amid a calm, relaxing environment set the tone of the personal and mental development of ’90s kids.

But why do the 90s kids sound like an exciting past that materialized and took a special place in the hearts of young adults? It might be a thoughtful question. It requires an unwavering, enduring random set of answers that are effortless and heart-choking emotions.

90s kids- the term is an emotion. The soulful, groovy voices of Lucky Ali, Shaan, KK, Sonu Nigam, and many other legendary singers or musicians adorn the musical sensibility of teenagers. The lyrics, composition, or performance have become the soul-seeking redemption of many seekers. The music scene and early 90s romantic Hindi movies set the benchmark for love-stricken fan followings. Early freedom in the college-going junta and the movie craze were things of the past now, but sure, a sign of barrier-free adolescence. Walkman and early video games had set the lives of 90s kids charmingly. School romances and childhood crushes, rummaging through the Chandamama during breaks, surfing TV and hooking up to Shaktimaan, the constant anxiety of board results, lifetime bonding with chaddi-buddies, and many other experiences separate the 90s kids from the rest. Unique experiences of life that stay forever.

A variety of experiences set the 90s kids different and exclusive from others. But thoroughly rethinking the same experiences with proper emphasis on each aspect is the crux of the 90s kids’ series narration.

The constant comparison of generations will continue with every generation bashing their old age. But the important thing is how we reciprocate love and respect among all without any biasness or prejudice.

Let the emotional calling of the past reinvigorate the youthful naivety of the stress-induced young adults stuck between losing focus in the frustration of running a rat race and finding a soothing semblance of life in the glorious past.

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