Where did he go?

Aditi Anvita

In the diverse regions of Earth,
Numerous lives nature brings forth.

A long time back lived an inhabitant,
From the desert, resources are not scant.

His group roamed in a caravan,
Their entire lifespan.

They halted on speculating an oasis,
Their ultimate supporting basis.

That sustained them for a limited time,
For that guy, the short duration was not sublime.

He believed in the perks of plains,
Cultivated, there were adequate grains.

His opinion of shifting from that place,
It was never an option for his race.

Violating what the others asserted,
He eluded them, even if it hurt.

He traversed the arid sandy region,
To a destination distant from his legion.

He overcame a deadly sandstorm,
Battled a barren landform.

That moment, he recalled his tribe left behind,
It was easier to overcome with his humankind.

He made his way by utilizing his brain,
He remained persevering through his pain.

Outlying then, a mountain stood staring,
In the intention of questioning his daring.

When he had courage, not mortal,
Bowed down the massive hurdle.

Accompanied by the hardship of ascent,
Comparatively, easier to descend.

An analogy of bitter efforts for success,
Advanced successive progress.

His checkpoint looked closer now,
But he didn’t lose his enthusiasm anyhow.

Across the cold, untamed stream,
Situated his longing dream.

Traversed the stream into unseen land,
His accomplishment appeared so grand.

Welcomed by fields of an exotic plantation,
Colorful flowers with incredible sensations.

The folk apprehended the sound of money,
To fulfill life, required to spend a penny.

Accommodated in one of the housing,
As he appeared, to them, entirely doubting.

He endeavored, dripping in sweat,
To pay off his long-term debt.

Reminded of the notion of harmony,
How his clan lived in synchrony.

So different were those strangers,
Similar to the unknown dangers.

Where did he just reach?
What is left for life to preach?

Should have survived the initial condition
Or had precisely targeted his ambition.

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