The last Momo Soliloquy Explanation

  – Satyakam Ray

The Momo I referred to is a symbolic representation of human beings. It can be you, me, or anyone else. As we grow up, we tend to become self-centered. We compare ourselves to others and become happy sadistically by pointing out others’ flaws. We take ourselves seriously and brag about our success, fame, money, etc. The line “I have better molds” has been significantly written to point out that.

Initially, Momo is dismissive about the chutney. The chutney is referred to as the soul. We don’t listen to the heed of our souls very often. That’s why the soul is smiling from a distance sheepishly. It’s beckoning to unite with it to seek the ultimate truth, spirituality. As we grow older, our interaction with the soul increases as we realize we are mortals.

The guy eating the momos is nothing but destiny. Our destiny is always the same. Ultimately, whatever you do in your life, you will die one day, sooner or later. The exterior of our forms, the shells(human body), will give it up to the unbreakable shackles of mortality. The plate is being cleaned up one by one – which means our peer group(one generation) is dying. The insecurity, anxiety, and bonding with the soul increase as we are gobbled up by destiny. Finally, we are breaking; our shell unites with the soul and, in a way, becomes one.

The previous post was a metaphor only now, as I have given the whole meaning of the blog, requesting to go back to the original post (last momo soliloquy) and connect the dots!

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