It’s better to be alone.

Satyakam Ray

Sitting on a park bench,

Watching the birds chirping,

Stillness in the wood and mood,

And the clouds hovering,

As far as I see above the horizon.

I see a pair of squirrels,

Playing in the trees,

Nonchalantly, with zero stress,

Their existence is simple,

Without any “modernism” fuss,

As we humans do!!

Writing down the words,

As they come to my mind,

Not bothering about tone and rhyme,

What if things were so simple,

Like an evening drizzle,

About to happen right now.

Being engulfed in the thoughts,

Drenched in the rain,

Shivering a little bit,

But the spirit uplifted a lot,

I am alone,

But missing nobody,

I love the guilty pleasure of solitude a bit!

It’s ok to share the grief,

With the rain, the lightning,

The thick wood surrounding me,

Not a single soul around,

Not a helping shoulder to lean on,

But do I need one anyway?

Looking for a lost star,

In the starless cloudy sky,

Hoping to get a wish done,

As far as whim is concerned,

Saying “yes” to life ahead,

By walking the gravel all alone,

Because it’s better to be alone.

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