90s kids-Vacations

– Satyakam Ray “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”- Gustave Flaubert. The great French 19th-century novelist Mr. Flaubert didn’t anticipate that his quotes would remain relevant almost 100 years after his demise. The 1990s borns and kids would happily recollect the vacation stories of their school and college days with much enthusiasm at a gathering of … Continue reading 90s kids-Vacations

I sit, and I watch

–Satyakam Ray I sit and I watcha pair of dogs standingunder the street lightplaying and teasingnot missing mama’s sight I sit and I watchthe moon at its peaksmiling down at uscool breeze blowing hardsoothing us at no fuss I sit and I watchmoonlight reaching backyardnot much distance from the street endto a home of few yardsa garden closed by the gate end I sit and … Continue reading I sit, and I watch

Light-Dark game

– Satyakam Ray Eyes closedDarkness PrevailsEyes openedFar-away light reveals On the moveFor a whileAlong the unmapped Dark aisle Wondering what liesHidden behind the treesHeart feels thingsBeyond what eye sees Will I be stuckMeandering through eyes?or, rushing to the doorof the scattered rays? What if, I love the darkMore than the lightLosing focus on theEscape sight Embracing the painThe never-ending strifesmiling all alongThat what’s life What’s … Continue reading Light-Dark game


–Satyakam Ray A blank canvassGot some colorsA blank piece of paperA few wordsto fill it onwith a meandering mind mazeRed or blue or whitecolor to pickor positive tone to writefor my backgroundto shine. Is it so?Choosing the right onefor the perfect picthe right tonematching phrase to rhymeor else it willbecome a burdening stymie? Canvass and the verseboth are simple and tersecolors of poetic charmsor charms … Continue reading Dilemma


–Satyakam Ray In the mayhem of “me first”sitting on the benchat the life’s platformgoing unnoticedholding a pen..scribbling here and thereas things past methe race continuesbeholding dramasunfolded before my eyes!! Why do I need to writestuff downto usher creativesparkles shownto my readers?Do they need anyway? I ask the questionto myself over and overto find an answerin my chaotic chatterwith my forlorn soulto declutter the nasty foulof … Continue reading Lost

Lost but alive

–Satyakam Ray Empty spacesBetween echo chambersvoices daring to goBreak freeor, suffer by silently linger.. Hushed up emotionsReady to water downthe barren mental fieldwhat’s holding it down?A social perspectiveor, prejudiced stoic shield! Tears have refused to flowdecided to become dryon the behest of some ruckus and cry… Alas!it’s a part of the gamefor the greater goodfor sheer vindictive ropeor, feeling deja-vuof reaching lightat the end of … Continue reading Lost but alive

The day gone by…

– Satyakam Ray A silhoutte self-grimaceagainst the dimming skyor a beholding spectacleunearthed before the eyeAs the day gone by.. Spooky thoughts drenchedalong with the evening drizzlemustering courage tolook beyond and sizzleAs the day gone by.. Another diurnal alarm beepthen running in the horde of sheeptowards the thing called “success”in the grim rat raceAs the day gone by.. Hope-filled morning rantstreacherous evening shaftsin between the whole … Continue reading The day gone by…

The smell of the first rain

– Satyakam Ray The thirsty dried up soilPondering looking the skyDreaming about the night fallwhen the crickets cryThe trees freshen upAnd the humans runto take shelterfrom the treacherous rains.. Oh, the dream is about to fulfillthe sky is heavyready to drench the earthwith heavy pellets of rainthe soil is eagerto embrace his loveafter a while… Finally, it happenedthe heavy pour touchedthe earthand just persistedto satiate … Continue reading The smell of the first rain

The Maze

– Satyakam Ray A circular mazewith perfect hingeAn analogy to lifeor, an indelible cryptic! Searching for answersFrom crib to the graveTo some questions knownand some delusions Running round and roundBanging along the wallsTo just keep movingsurvive or crack the puzzle? The maze-a perfect citadelof optimism and persepectivesor a crescendo of confusionsif steered in wrong prospectives Propelled by the agilityof social life and peersNavigating the circlesto … Continue reading The Maze

Torn Paper

– Satyakam Ray A few torn papersBelonging to a writerA few deleted textsFrom the excel sheetsA good budding perceptionDied before its inception Often ask the questionwhy they get deletedunder what situation? Needless to saywhile the master doing its creationAlways looking for perfection Then the papers ask again“If I am of no value at allor Am I the creator’s back-up call?”Noble ideas are still in vogueWhy … Continue reading Torn Paper

Abstract Poetry

– Satyakam Ray A pen on the deskPapers stacked and thinNothing written yetNo, riveting linesor, Whimsical whine…. Circling here and thereComing around a bit lateNot putting out hereA hint or ideaComing to the matter straight Did I mention its poetry?A stupendous blabberor unnerving triviafocusing on clusterswhere word hover Depicting love and emotionThrough poetic visionLayers of abstractionCausing a little confusionRather sly interpretation The Pen still lies … Continue reading Abstract Poetry

90s Kids-School Romance

– Satyakam Ray 90s kids and the romance in the school days- there lies many fascinating stories for the readers to grasp in their leisure time. It was a time when the teenagers’ total universe centered around board exam pressure, a few sports or cricket sessions, and imitating sachin or shaktimaan. A few young romantic brats and studs those days made the headlines in the … Continue reading 90s Kids-School Romance